News 06/07/06
No it's not your imagination. I just realised that i haven't updated here for more than a year. A YEAR! Outrageous. I will be updating the whole site soon so stay tuned to the blog (where incidently a lot of current news and work is posted that really should also be here). A new Skullduggery site with all the new stuff will be coming SOON. Honest injun.

News 10/04/05

Of course an update within a week is always inevitably followed by no update for 2 months.
Busy as a bastard with new work for Qantas, Random House, Simon & Schuster and Funtastic all jockeying for space on the drawing board..
Some new comics on the horizon as Flight #2 should hit all shelves on the 16th of this month. Mococo, publishing my 2004 Western comic 'CWPBs' also came out a couple of weeks ago in if you're in France check it out. It's a fantastic art collection including the work of two other great local Australian cartoonists, Dean Rankine and Alex Major.

To the left not only one of the paintings i did for the Flight show at Gallery Nucleus (also on the 16th) but a character for a new self-publishing venture. News of which i should have more in the next few weeks..
Gallery is also updated with some new work as is the comics section with pages from Laika (flight #2) and Heidi Hyperwarp.

Till hopefully not 2 months away...


News 09/02/05

An update within a week of the last?! No it's not the end of's a group interview with members of Flight #2 and some Australian guy who won't leave them all alone. Pictures and words await here -

Also if you haven't seen it already an Illustration Friday peice from a couple of weeks ago slightly over to the left of your screens.


News 03/02/05

Exactly one month since the last update. Weird.
January was a busy one and the busy just keeps coming. I Put my Flight #2 contribution, Laika, to bed last week. One of the hardest comics i've ever done. But it's finished now...and i feel better for the massive changes to the ending. March 23rd Flight hits stores so if you haven't already...please pre-order the book from your bookstore or comics retailer to guarantee yourself a copy (I know i sound like a broken record but it's of great import). The Diamond Order Code is - JAN051598

Over at the first in a series of desktop wallpapers are up from various contributions (including mine and some toons that my buddy did) Click the image to the left to see the rest of them.
So now it's back on board the Amazing Australia train and trying to get various freelance gigs back on track.
I should have some news regards an exhibition of some of my paintings in the next couple of weeks too.


News 03/01/05

Happy new year!!
Just a quick update to let everyone know that Flight 2 is now solicited in this months (January) issue of Previews magazine. The order code is - JAN051598. So make sure you head to your local comics establishment and procure yourself a guaranteed copy. Honestly...this not only helps us the helps the shopkeep and it helps you get good comics on time. So hop to it!!
The work i have seen from all the contributors so far is phenomenal (Click here for a preview of Michael Gagne's story at Graphic Novel Review this month too). Book 1 was 2 is set to eclipse it 100 fold...I think it's going to be something really insanely good.
Anyway...I've put up a sneak peek at some of the pages in progress from my peice 'Laika'. Page 1 to the left (Click on the image for a larger view) then head to my blog where i have posted the finished pencils for two other pages.


Skullduggery is afoot -

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